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COKALA is an advisory services firm offering experienced and practical help in compliance with tax
regulatory requirements for Forms W-9, W-8, W-2, 1099, 1098, 5498, 945, 941, 1042, 1042-S, and state
reporting.  We can support you
"on call" with a subscription for custom question-and-answer service plus
weekly federal and state tax updates, or call us in for special projects.    

NEW Form W-8BEN-E issued by IRS for certifications from foreign entities.  See Form W-8BEN-E (rev.
April 2016) and
Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E (rev. April 2016).  Cokala clients, see discussion in Cokala
bulletins.  A major change is specifying the Limitation on Benefits provision applicable to treaty claims.      

Form 1042-S for 2016: Changes include Unique Identifying Number (required) and Limitation on Benefits
code number (required for tax treaty claims).  See new
2016 Instructions for Form 1042-S.

Due dates extended for 2015 Forms 1095-B, 1095-C:  
IRS Notice 2016-04 (December 28)

Form 1099 and 1042-S/FATCA compliance training:
See below
for our 2016 schedule of public classes.
If you need training sooner than our 2016 classes
begin, we offer custom training by private webinar.  
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When you are served by the COKALA group, you enjoy the benefits of working with experienced, professional and
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help you navigate the difficulties of complying with federal and state regulations ... the responsiveness of a smaller
firm, combined with the highest level of expertise ... and the ability to help you integrate tax regulatory compliance into
practical operational solutions.
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Cokala state tax withholding and reporting data services (on-line lookup tables):
For financial products, securities, and retirement plans tax operations  (complete group of 12 tables)

For Form 1099-A, 1099-C and 1099-K state reporting information

For Accounts Payable tax operations  (5 tables, for corporate Accounts Payable and P&C Claims)
NEWS for tax reporting compliance
FORM 1099 and 1042-S/FATCA compliance training classes for 2016
ABOUT 1099 training class for 2016               ABOUT 1042-S/FATCA training class for 2016
CHARLOTTE: 1099 on Thur. Dec. 1; 1042-S on Fri. Dec. 2; at the Courtyard Charlotte Airport hotel,
2700 Little Rock Road
CHICAGO:  1099 on Mon. Sept. 19; 1042-S on Tue. Sept. 20; at the Courtyard O'Hare hotel, 2950
South River Road, Des Plaines
CLEVELAND: 1099 on Wed. Sept. 28; 1042-S on Thur. Sept. 29; at the Courtyard Cleveland Airport
North hotel, 24901 Country Club Boulevard, North Olmsted
DALLAS: 1099 on Thur Oct. 6; 1042-S on Fri. Oct. 7; at the DFW Airport Marriott hotel, 8440
Freeport Parkway
DETROIT: 1099 on Mon. Sept. 26; 1042-S on Tue. Sept. 27; at the Marriott Livonia hotel, Six Mile at
Laurel Park Place
DISTRICT of COLUMBIA (suburban): 1099 on Tue. Nov. 29; 1042-S on Wed. Nov. 30; at the
Courtyard Dunn Loring Fairfax hotel
ORLANDO: 1099 on Mon. Oct. 3; 1042-S on Tue. Oct. 4; at the Courtyard Orlando Airport hotel
SAN JOSE: 1099 on Thur. Oct. 20; 1042-S on Fri. Oct. 21; at the Courtyard San Jose Airport hotel,
1727 Technology Drive
SEATTLE: 1099 on Mon. Oct. 17; 1042-S on Tue. Oct. 18; at the Courtyard Seattle Southcenter hotel,
400 Andover Park West
ST. LOUIS: 1099 on Thur. Sept. 22; 1042-S on Fri. Sept. 23; at the Courtyard St. Louis Airport (Earth
City) hotel, 3103 Rider Trail South  
Additional information about class locations
Cokala conference participation:  Attend a training class or an educational presentation with
Mariannce Couch, JD, of Cokala as part of the Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay Conference in
Orlando May 23-25.  For information see