The COKALA group helps major U.S. companies and institutions avoid risk through effective
compliance with federal and state requirements for tax withholding, payee documentation, tax
information reporting, and related issues such as work eligibility and worker classification of
employees and independent contractors.
On-call Support subscription
for year-round service
When your organization subscribes to year-round support service from the
COKALA group, help is as near as your email or phone when you need to know if
tax must be withheld ... if tax reporting is going to be required ... what
documentation you need from the payee before you authorize payment ... and
answers to many other tax-related questions as well.   

You can
contact us when questions come up in daily operations, or in
unexpected circumstances.  From "is it reportable" to the "how-to" of withholding
and reporting, we'll help with questions relating to Forms W-9, W-8, 1099, 1098,
5498, 945, 1042, 1042-S, and state reporting as well.   

And, we will
contact you with two weekly electronic bulletins of news that affects
tax reporting, as well as email alerts when time-sensitive government regulatory
news breaks, to help you and your organization keep up with changes in federal
and state regulations, withholding rules, forms, deadlines, and other

And, as a subscriber you'll receive a general Year-End Update by webinar every
Fall to recap what's new for 1099 and 1042-S reporting.

We serve
- Accounts Payable in all types of organizations
- Insurance Companies
- Colleges and Universities
- Banks and Broker-Dealers
- Retirement Plans

Your subscription fee for year-round on-call support service is tailored to the
types of transactions, tax withholding and reporting you do.  Please email us at for a subscription fee quote -- it's a great value.
COKALA Tax Information Reporting Solutions, LLC - telephone 734.629.5155
PO Box 2224, Ann Arbor MI 48105-2224 - fax 734.428.0702