Cokala was founded in 2007 by Marianne Couch, Mary Kallewaard and Jerri LS Langer.  
Since that time, the Cokala tax group has continuously provided services for a growing
number of organizations.  

Marianne Couch, Esq.
Marianne  is a nationally known advisor and author on U.S. federal and state tax information
reporting compliance, and a frequent lecturer at major tax conferences.  She served for
many years as Research Director of Balance Consulting, and chaired special training and
advisory services provided to large organizations and nonprofit institutions.  She served a
three-year appointment to the IRS Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee
(IRPAC) and was Chair of the IRPAC Subcommittee on Small Business and Self-Employed
(SBSE) tax issues.   Marianne previously worked for a large Michigan law firm, and served
as a Research Attorney for the Michigan Court of Appeals.      

Mary Kallewaard
Mary oversees Cokala client contact and project management, monitors federal and state
regulatory and legislative developments, and is the primary author of Cokala’s weekly
bulletins on federal and state tax compliance.  She has worked in tax information reporting
technical compliance for the past 15 years, and previously was a senior manager at
Balance Consulting, a company specializing in training on tax information reporting
compliance, where she served in multiple roles including editing and writing for specialized
tax compliance publications, and developing curriculum for tax reporting compliance training
programs.  Mary was a three-year appointee to the IRS Information Reporting Program
Advisory Commitee (IRPAC) and served a one-year term as IRPAC Chair.

Jerri LS Langer, Esq.
Jerri was nationally recognized for many years as a tax information reporting and
withholding consultant, and was an active member of Cokala from 2007 until her retirement
in early 2019.  In her distinguished career she was twice appointed to the IRS
Commissioner’s Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC), serving from
2010-2012 and 1999-2000.  Prior to co-founding Cokala, she served as chief tax
compliance officer of ProBusiness Services Inc, a Fortune 500 payroll service company; as
a Director in Deloitte & Touche; and as a tax advisor on Wall Street.

The Cokala group also includes additional highly experienced advisors and support
COKALA Tax Information Reporting Solutions, LLC
Telephone 734.629.5155
PO Box 2224, Ann Arbor MI 48105-2224